(the) LINCOLN CENTRE (dot)…


The Lincoln Centre, is also known as the “Fashion Lincoln Centre”. Over the years, the centre has been the site of numerous prestigious fashion events; and houses the Juilliard School where the highest caliber of artistic education is provided, breeding some of the most talented and outstanding artists in the country.


[little recap] … Three years ago (Sept 2010), during our “inspiration trip” before EDIT was born, my Business partner G and I decided to go to Lincoln centre to feel the vibrant hype & atmosphere and to people-watch as we knew that the Mercedes Fashion Week was sited there. The two of us were doing silly “Bryan-boy posts”, funny cat-walking and dreaming aloud, hoping that “EDIT” would really happen one day.





I love telling G about the “little dots” story, ( bless my positivity ), consoling ourselves when things are not looking great by saying that “everything is a dot that lines you up to a different dot – in the end, these little dots will all link up to create something amazing”. These ‘little dots’ may be challenging and tough, but they will eventually lead up to something … with strong determination and patience.

Three years from then, not that EDIT is anywhere close to anything, but at least EDIT has happened. A little dream of two big dreamers did not just stay in a bubble. A little seed has been planted … We shall come back here everytime we are in NYC for some nostalgic moments as well as some motivational forward looking plans … :’)


This time I booked this great unique green roofed LINCOLN ristorante by one of my favorite architects – Diller Scofidio + Renfro.


The food was neat and fine but was not as applauding as the space herself, partly due to our awful jetlag. The experience was definitely extraodinary and totally worth it.

Below: looking out at the Juilliard School.



( please note that whether 3 years ago or today… A Chanel bag is still in hand ..😏)

My dearest little business partner, let’s write many more dots together ( though there might be more tough ones )… I guarantee you when we walk along and look back, they will all join up to be amazing dots and we will build amazing things and memories. 😌☺


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